A misconception of how to achieve better lighting efficiency is to increase the power of the bulb. The true main factor in achieving better lighting is the reflector, the chrome part inside the headlight.

Headlight Reflector

There is no point in an efficient bulb if the reflector is not in good condition. Older motorcycles show signs of rust. Thus, the light emitted by the bulb did not fully reflect.

Light bulbs with a voltage above the original produce more light and more heat. So many reflectors may not be able to withstand excessive temperature and melt.

car light bulb

Headlight Lens

Another part of the housing that influences the lighting is the lens. Motorcycles that travel a lot on roads get the lens dirty with insects, dust, and pollution. Bulbs with a long time of use would create an extremely weak beam. It’s time to replace them.

The energy of the motorcycle also influences the lighting. The motorcycle would not work, including the headlight, with a low battery or defective coils generate little energy.

Adjust the Headlight

Adjusting the height of the headlight beam of h4 led bulb also solves many problems of “darkness” while riding a motorcycle. In many motorcycle models, the adjustment is simple, loosen the screws that support the headlight and adjust them manually according to the desired height.

The beam color is between white and bluish, and, in some cases, it improves the vision range by up to 20%, with this good performance, the super white bulb widely used in motorcycles.

car light bulb

How to maintain motorcycle headlight

Proper maintenance of your lights, first of all, requires regular checking of their functioning. All the lights must check: high beam, dipped beam, position lights, fog lights, reversing lights, and parking lights, but also stop warning lights. It is particularly important to think about reversing and brake lights.

It is necessary to check these two lights to assist with another person. The brake lights are triggered by applying the brake pedal. As for the reversing lights, they come on when the gear lever placed in reverse. Another person behind your vehicle can check that the lights are working properly.

If a bulb fails, it should replace immediately. Most of your lights work in pairs: when one of the lights weakens or no longer works, all the intensity will be distributed only on the remaining bulb, which may lead to faster failure. For this reason, specialists advise changing your car light bulbs in pairs.

You can do this yourself. The front lights are most often accessible from the engine compartment, while the rear lights can remove using a simple screw. In the case of more complex LED bulbs, it will be necessary to go through mechanics.

Besides, you must also check that your headlights are properly adjusted. It means that they must provide sufficient light without dazzling other road users. Your headlights should also be aligned. If this is not the case, it is imperative to go through a mechanic who can adjust and align your light beams.

Finally, also remember to check the cleanliness of the glasses. The more they are clogged, the less the lighting will be able to filter properly.

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