Below you’ll find a list of all the minimum recommended tools and spares to carry for motorcycle touring, most of which I personally carried for my cross-country ride to Ladakh from Kerala in June 2017. This handy tool kit is carried in a tough and durable polypropylene and polyester bum-bag with plenty of room to house all the tools and includes additional storage areas for maps, keys, wallets, and more. The bum-bag features dust flaps, heavy-duty zippers and an adjustable quick-release belt. It is lightweight and rests comfortably around the waist or packs neatly away to store on the bike.

Basic Tools for Every Motorcyclist

If you own a motorcycle, the chances are you’re going to need to perform some maintenance from time to time and a multi-tool is a seriously handy weapon in any rider’s arsenal. Of course, you will need it only if your motorcycle is chain driven. When you have problems with your chain this tool is the best thing you will have. A loose master link is the indication of something really wrong about to happen so you want to fix it as soon as possible. If you want to put a master link back into its place or change the entire chain completely, chain breaker is the best tool for that. If you improvise you will definitely have to waste hours whereas with this tool you can do the job within minutes.

Basic Tools for Every Motorcyclist

The most basic hand tool ever, a screwdriver. For a motorcycle, you will most probably need three head types; Philips, flat, hex. You can either look for a set that has all three varieties or choose to go with the interchangeable head type. Note that if you choose the latter, it may sometimes be bigger or less sturdy so make sure you choose a set that is suitable for your use.

No tool list would be complete without pliers, which means no one should go to the track without them. While there aren’t too many tasks that require the use of pliers, they come in handy far more often than most other tools. Cutting off transponders, twisting wire, cutting tags off your fresh new gear – it’s all easier with a set of pliers. While you can check out the pliers that we sell for specific tasks, it’d also be great just to have a generic pair from any tool store tucked away in your box.

Basic Tools for Every Motorcyclist

As with any other job though, the saying, proper tools for a proper job” holds. There are some tools that your kit should not lack. Well, that’s at least if you want to have a hassle-free ride more often. The cost outlay needed to assemble such a toolkit is not that steep. Unlike a professional mechanic’s kit that will cost upwards of $5,000, you can buy or put together a basic toolkit of less than $100. You can view this website for the motor accessories and some 5202 led bulb for car lighting.

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