At present, motorcycles need to use batteries more intensely, either to start the march with electronic starters or even for the injection system, which with nothing or little battery will be impossible to start.

When to change the motorcycle battery?

There are many types of batteries, and in general, there is a series of advice that we can carry out so that our motorcycle batteries have a longer life.

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When to change the motorcycle battery?

In the market, we can find many types of batteries, but the most common are the following:

1, acid batteries that carry maintenance: they are the most common and also the cheapest in the market. These batteries require maintenance to continue working overtime.

2, Batteries with acid without maintenance: they are sealed batteries, that is, they do not need scheduled maintenance.

3, Gel batteries: they are batteries that store much more energy in a smaller space than acid batteries, they are also lighter than acid batteries. In this case, these batteries are more expensive than acid ones.

4, Lithium batteries: they are batteries whose fundamental component is lithium. Like gel, they can accommodate more cargo in a smaller space. Its price may be higher than the previous ones, but its duration and benefits are also higher.

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What maintenance should I do to the battery?

The batteries must follow a few steps so that it is in good working order during its useful life. Upon reaching the end, no matter how much we try to extend its life, it will be inevitable to have to replace it, but by following these tips we can extend its life:

1, If the battery has acid, we must be aware that it is not below the level set by the manufacturer. If this is low, we can add distilled water.

2, The first time the new battery is mounted, it is advisable to charge it with a battery charger, which guarantees that once mounted on the motorcycle, we will have all the power of the battery indicated by the manufacturer.

3, Once we mount the battery, in its place, it is advisable, in the terminals of the same to throw petroleum jelly, to protect the terminals of the corrosion.

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And if it is not possible and we have to replace the motorcycle battery, remember that it starts disassembled in the negative terminal and then the positive one and to mount the battery, we will first mount the positive terminal and then the negative one.

And this is all you need to know about motorcycle batteries if you want it is what you should consider before buying yours.

Leave us in the comment box what tricks do you use to extend the battery of your motorcycle?

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