If the rain surprises you while riding a motorcycle, keep in mind that you should always exercise extreme caution and increase your driving skills to face wet and soapy streets. But if you do not have experience or take a short time with your motorcycle, biker experts share the following tips:

100% motorcycle

According to Gonzalo Pereira, country manager of the store specializing in Italian motorcycles“motorcycles or scooters, such as Vespa, must be in perfect condition. Your tires, braking system, lights, etc. They have to be in perfect condition. Above all, be aware of the route, ”he explains.

This result seems logical, but some are not interested in having the bike in perfect condition while turning on and on. Those are the first to have problems, so do not delay maintenance, perform them promptly. 

Always visible

Rain reduces visibility, so we have to be visible to other vehicles. In this regard, the lights must work well. The latest Vespa use LED in their headlights, which increases the lighting. Also, our equipment, such as clothing, must have reflective implements.

Motorcycle in Rainy Day

Waterproof clothing

Clothing is the main ally, so it recommended to use jackets, pants, and boots with protectors made with waterproof materials. Besides, these have to be suitable for winter, to keep the body warm.

Besides, for Vespa, there are accessories, waterproof leg covers, with which you can further protect the lower extremities from splashing or soaking other cars when passing through the water.

Eye with sight

Commonly when it rains, the temperature drops. This result causes the visor to fog and cause a serious visibility problem in helmets. To avoid this danger, today, there are various anti-fogging systems, such as micas, liquids, pin-lock, etc.

Many of these items can obtain at specialized motorcycle stores or car accessory stores, especially anti-fogging liquids and cleaners.

Keep distance

It is best to slow down and stay tuned to drive a scooter like the Vespa on wet streets. It is vital to maintain a considerable safety distance with vehicles ahead, so you can react on time, well in advance to avoid crashes and, besides, to avoid water splashing the front vehicle.

The precaution is not only in the weather, but it is also because we do not know how other drivers handle and the problems they may have to face the water. A motorcycle, by its nature, will always be more exposed.

Motorcycle in Rainy Day

Good brakes

Use both brakes, especially when it rains, it is best to use them very gently. Today all new models incorporate the ABS brake system, which prevents skidding of the front wheel.

Beware the puddles

If a puddle appears on the route, it is best to dodge it and not trust its size (it can be deep). But if it is difficult to ignore it, it is best to face it with the bike vertically, keep your hands firmly on the handlebars and maintain a constant speed. Never slow down!

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