If you are dissatisfied with the quality and brightness of the headlamps on your Yamaha 650, you can update your account with the high-intensity aftermarket (LED). LED headlights emit more light, last longer and consume less energy than the halogen headlights that come with the Yamaha 650. Although the LED headlights require some additional wiring to the installation, the process is simple and straightforward.

If you decide to upgrade LED bulbs with your headlight, you may be worried about that you should make more effort to install them. However, it is not too hard to do that. It is simple and does not require special skills. You don’t even need to have the most minimal technical training as the kits come with solid directions. You can just follow the steps below, that you can replace a bulb by yourself.

Yamaha 650


  • Turn off your Yamaha 650 if it is on.
  • Disconnect the h3 led light bulb harness from the headlight socket on the back of the round lantern assembly.
  • Remove the two screws on the headlamp body to remove the headlight lens.
  • Put on latex gloves to prevent oils in your fingers from damaging the headlight bulb. Remove the h3 headlight bulb.
  • Insert the white h3 headlight bulb from the replacement aftermarket into the headlight hub. Replace the headlight lens and secure it in place with two screws.
  • Mount the thin ballast that comes with the LED installation kit on the back of the headlamp bucket with the double-sided adhesive pad included in the kit. Connect the headlamp wiring harness that you previously removed in the ballast. Connect the built-in harness in the ballast wiring to the headlight socket.

Yamaha 650

Tips and recommendations

  • The bulb on the passenger side is slightly obscured by the wiper fluid reservoir. Do not worry about that, the installation can be finished completely without removing the wiper fluid.
  • When you notice your headlight begins to get dimmer or flicker, it might upgrade the headlight. It is an easy way to upgrade your nighttime visibility by replacing with LEDs.


Now in the automotive lighting aftermarket, there is a range of styles of LED bulbs. It is one of the best and cheapest ways to upgrade your headlight with LED bulbs. It makes your motor more personalized on the road. While choosing the lastest LED bulbs, it would make easier cars following yours to spot you.

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