Driving at night with a molten headlight can be dangerous. This result is especially true if the vehicle is a Suzuki Katana motorcycle. The headlight of these high-performance motorcycles is essential for driving at night or even during some periods of bad weather, and offers some visibility to help the driver see. The low beam h11 headlight bulb can purchase at any automotive parts store or Suzuki distributor.


Make sure that the motorcycle is parked with the support foot down. Take the ignition key.

Reach behind the h11 led headlight bulb and up through the main fairing to access the lamp. There is a black rubber cover located inside the headlight housing.

H11 Led Headlight Bulbs for Suzuki Katana

Turn the left boot and pull it down from the headlight assembly. The bulb will reduce with the boot.

Pull the old bulb out of the boot and replace it with the new bulb.

Push the bulb and boot into the back of the headlight assembly. Turn the boot to the right to install.

Start the engine and start the white h11 led bulb for headlights to make sure it is working properly.

Tips and warnings

  • The part of the bulb number is 9.003.
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