Mounting a motorcycle’s headlight tends to be quite simple, as long as you have all the necessary parts and an exploded diagram of the model scooter that you are working on. Even if the diagram cannot obtain, understanding how the parts fit together works intuitively with most models after examining them for a minute.

Vespa Headlights


Locate an exploded diagram of the headphone parts for your particular scooter, if possible. Check the manual for your motorcycle model and the workshop manuals available for the same motorcycle. Look for the section in the manual that shows the parts and headphone assembly. Confirm that you have all the necessary parts, as illustrated in the manuals and diagrams. Consult with a distributor in case no diagram or manual is available.

Place the 9004 led bulb inside the bulb socket first. Add additional bulbs, as necessary, for modern headlight assemblies. Insert the lamp holder into the reflector cone and secure the socket through the pocket clip. Connect the tube clamp to the rear of the reflector cone, and slide it over the rear socket until it clicks into place. Take the assembly and attach to the glass ring and headlight bulbs, if one is available; Otherwise, glass lens mate and chrome ring parts. Secure the parts with a headlight ring retain support. Use fixing screws if necessary, tighten them with a screwdriver.

How to Mount a Led Bulb in Vespa Headlights

In a modern headlight, insert the white 9004 led bulb into the bulb socket. Look for the cavity of the bulb socket that enters the appropriate bulb (road or dipped beam). Insert the plug into the cavity and twist in place so that it fits into the sealed reflector cone and beam. Attach the entire assembly to the motorcycle headset and secure it in place with fixing screws. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Connect the electric wiring of the low beam 9004 headlight motorcycle to the junction of the now assembled motorcycle headlight. Connect the electrical connection to the socket of the bulb, if the parts are a completely independent unit and not one. Confirm that all cables are connected in place, as illustrated in the relevant motorcycle wiring diagrams for your scooter model.

Turn on the motorcycle’s electrical system and test the 9004 led headlight. Test the low beam and high beam – see if bulbs activate without the engine turning on. Start the engine and check that the headlight bulb is running while the engine is running. Close the headphones and take the bike for a test ride.

Vespa Headlights

Tips and warnings

  • Most individual bulbs (not sealed headlights) for scooters and motorcycles can locate at your local auto parts store. Check with them first, as prices tend to be cheaper than special orders.
  • Be careful not to touch the 9004 led headlight bulbs with your fingers. Hold the bulbs by their coupling end and use a cloth or cloth to insert them into an outlet; Otherwise, the oil from your fingers will cause hot spots in the bulb. These hot spots, in turn, will cause the bulb to fail faster than normal.
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