The Yamaha PW80 is a small motorized motorcycle designed for young riders between the ages of seven to 10. This result is a great starter motorcycle for getting young people used to ride horses. Unfortunately, these bikes do not equip with a headlight or a lighting coil. However, it is possible to buy a headlight and lighting mounting coil and install them yourself. There are different types of headlight mounts on the market that fit the Yamaha PW80, and each comes with its detailed wiring instructions.

Yamaha PW80

Mounting hole

Purchase a dual beams 9007 led headlight bulbs conversion kit from an auto parts store or online. Also, buying an internal or external lighting coil from the Yamaha PW80 does not come with a factory-equipped one.

Hold the headlight assembly against the front of the Yamaha PW80, just below the handlebars. Make sure the light is level. Use a permanent marker to mark the place where you need to drill the screw holes that hold it in place and then set the headlight aside.

Attach a drill bit that is smaller in size than the screws or bolts that come with the headlight assembly — drill holes in the marked places, just enough to drill through the outer plastic cover.

Position the headlight assembly so that the drill holes match the holes for the screws or bolts. Hold the 9007 led headlight bulb in place with one hand.

Yamaha PW80

Attach a screwdriver or drill socket to the end of the drill. Tighten the headlight mounting screws or bolts until they are tight, but do not overtighten to avoid stripping the screw holes.

Position the wiring diagram for the headlight and follow the instructions carefully. Each manufacturer has different wiring directions, but the low beam 9007 led headlight will come with a diagram and detailed instructions so you can correctly connect the headlight wiring. This step will involve joining the internal or external lighting coil during this part of the procedure.

Use flanges to secure the cables to the PW80. Make sure there is no additional wiring that comes out or rub anywhere and make sure that the rubber connector boots and connectors are all firmly in place.

Yamaha PW80

Mounting rubber strap

Follow step 1 above.

Mount the headlight to the PW80 with the rubber straps that come with the headlight mounting kit. Wrap or stretch the rubber straps around the handlebars or fork tubes, which works best for mounting the headlight.

Follow steps 6 and 7 from above.


With putting in a bit of hard work, you are able to find out the suitable LED bulbs for your particular needs. You have better to make sure to do a bit of research online to find out which lights are the best fit. This is important to drive on the road.

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