A motorcycle’s headlight is vital for riding safely at night or in low-light situations, illuminating the possible dangers of the road and alert the other drivers to the presence of the motorcyclist. Most motorcycle headlights do not direct properly, a problem that can make the night riding a dangerous proposal.

Reasons to adjust the headlight

Motorcycle headlights undergo constant vibration during a ride. The h13 headlamp can gradually move out of position over time, changing the way the h13 led headlight bulb illuminates the road ahead. A poorly aligned headlight can also pose a danger to other drivers, temporarily blinded by a street light beam. A light beam directed above certain vertical heights is a violation of the traffic codes used by most states. Put, taking the time to re-aim the headlight housing will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, both for you and others.

Motorcycle Led Headlight

Headlights Preparation

Checking and adjusting the low beam h13 headlights of a motorcycle requires measurements and a large, light-colored wall. Support the motorcycle in an upright position, then measure the distance between the ground and the center of the white h13 led headlight bulbs. Place a strip of tape or draw a line, horizontally along the wall at the same height as your headlights. Place a second two-inch line below the first mark to measure the headlight dipped beam function. Create a vertical mark that runs between the two horizontal marks to adjust the objective of the headlight from side to side, using a strip of tape. Finally, park the motorcycle in front of the wall at a distance of 25 feet. Place the motorcycle on a chock closing wheel, or have auxiliary support in an upright position during the headlights and adjustment procedure.

Motorcycle H13 Led Headlight

Point the Headlight Beams

Turn the motorcycle over and activate its low beam function. Ideally, the upper edge of the headlamp dipped beam projection is aligned vertically with the bottom mark of the wall and horizontally with the centerline. Activate the road light after checking the crossing target. Again, the upper edge of the road light projection must align with the upper horizontal mark and the vertical centerline. Adjust the low or high beams with the headlight adjustment screws, although the beam is misaligned.

Motorcycle Led Headlight

Adjusting the motorcycle headlight

Adjusting the objective headlight of your motorcycle by physically repositioning the headlight assembly, as is the case for some cruiser-style motorcycles or by using a set of adjustment screws to change the position of the headlight lens or reflectors. Loosen the h13 led headlight mounting bolts with a socket wrench to change the headlight dipped beam position until it aligned with the bottom mark and centerline, then tighten the mounting bolts. The adjusting screws used by most motorcycles are typically behind the headlight assembly and come as a pair to control horizontal and vertical orientation. Motorcycles equipped with a dual-lens headlight will have four adjustment screws, two for each lens. Use a screwdriver to turn the screws until the headlight light aligns correctly with the corresponding marks on the wall.

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