Although LED bulbs cost a little bit expensive than halogen bulbs, their long lifespan makes them more durable to use. The LED bulbs can emit lights and produce heat at the same time when an electric current passes them. It there is an issue of the headlight, it is wise to replace it with LED bulbs.

The Honda VTX 1300 motorcycle has four screws in the lower headlight perimeter. Two of the screws are to adjust the headlight objective. The other two mounting the headlight on the plug. Therefore, the headlight is simple enough to adjust as long as you do not confuse the mounting screws for the adjustment screws. The adjustment screws are in positions five and seven around the h1 led headlight bulb circumference.

Honda VTX 1300


  • Place some tape 17 feet away from a flat vertical surface.
  • Align the headlights of the VTX 1300 above the tape you left on the ground or the ground.
  • Measure the height of the h1 headlight lens to the ground. Place a strip of duct tape on the wall at the same height less than 2 inches just in front of the VTX 1300. In other words, place the tape on the wall 2 inches below the height of the headlights.
  • Use the screwdriver to turn the screw 5:00 to adjust the light beam up and down. Aim the beam so that the top of the beam meets the tape on the wall.
  • Use the screwdriver to turn the screw from 7:00 to adjust the white h1 led bulb light beam to the left and right. Aim the beam so that it shines directly on the vertical axis of the tape.

Honda VTX 1300

Why choose LED bulbs?

This is why people prefer to customize their motorcycle with LED bulbs. The LED bulbs combine the benefits of spotting light and strong brightness. It is a great deal if you drive at night to enjoy the outdoors with such strong illumination.

You also have infinite options to install in your motorcycle. You can customize your ride to be more personalized as you want. This will make your motor unique and bring you more joy. But you need to pick the LED bulbs carefully and be sure they are in good quality.

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