Today’s I gonna find out what an American v-twin motorcyclist. There’s lots of reviews online about the 2018 Yamaha star venture and many others.I like to keep things clear and honest and today I can do this review.

Before get on and actually ride for the first time, let’s take a look at just the appearance. Nothing more, nothing less. The style of this motorcycle is pretty sweet, I’m actually digging it. I gotta say it doesn’t look too outrageous but it’s certainly not a traditional style as well. I see we’ve got LED linkers up in the mirrors, we have got pretty aggressive front headlight scheme.

This -it is quite different than what I’m used to seeing when it comes to American v-twin motorcycles. Next I will tell you what It hink about the ride and about some of the features

After a nice jaunt on this motorcycle, I will say this is certainly a very capable long-distance touring motorcycle. I was actually rather impressed with the way it rides. I thought its Lombard seat actually makes a huge difference giving you the support. You need not only cornering but just long distance, it’s just amazing what that lower support will do for you. I was impressed with the fact that even at 1000 rpms this torque yet. I believe 112 pounds of torque holds nicely.

Another thing that I really enjoy is the adjustable shield again. Those of you that are putting down the long line. This is going to make a big difference for you. I was thoroughly impressed with the braking power of this motorcycle it braked very well. After riding hundreds of, thousands of miles in a saddle. They have done some of the features on here to make that trip just a little bit easier for you.

All in all that’s the 2018 Starr ventureby Yamaha. I am just a guy who enjoys to ride sharing my experience on these motorcycles telling you what I think and doing so honestly. I’m not gonna tell you that nobody helped me do that in this motorcycle today that I did it all on my own.

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Chris Reid, Yamaha's National Manager, Product Planning and Research, provides an update on how the industry and consumers have reacted to EPS.


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