Yamaha’s crossover category continues to grow as wider as looking for increased versatility.

“2018 C stole what’s like the Phazer XTX, Viper XTX SE 141 and Sidewinder XTX SE 141 joined by a new Num AE version of the Sidewinder XTX SE 137. For those who are catching on to our BTX series, the Sidewinder BTX SC-153 with 1.75-inch lug is one of the most sought-after snowmobiles in the Yamaha lineup, and the Sidewinder STXDX 137 and STX tx-146 are long track rocket ships ideal for putting on big miles.

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Chris Reid

Chris Reid, Yamaha's National Manager, Product Planning and Research, provides an update on how the industry and consumers have reacted to EPS.


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