“Yamaha’s impressive 2018 Le lineup is let by our spring power surge limited edition only models. The Ellie’s have special features and upgrades that are only available with an early deposit place right now your dealer.

2018 season 9 Ellie models with seven of those getting our 50th Anniversary Graphics package and two are racing blue. Those models with Ellie variations are Apex LE, Apex X-TX, SRViper L-TX and Sidewinder R-TX, Sidewinder L-TX, Sidewinder B-TX and Sidewinder M-DX.

Well, all Ellie’s get various suspension and graphic upgrades. Apex Ellie and Apex XTX Ellie also get Yamaha’s performance damper, and the all-new reactive suspension system, another Innovative first from Yamaha that helps with bladder handling and faster cornerspeed.

SRViper L-TX Le will also receive the Yamaha performance damper, and the two Sidewinder MTX Ellie’s come with the Fox QS3 rear shock with lockout capability nice to have when climbing those steep inclines.

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Chris Reid

Chris Reid, Yamaha's National Manager, Product Planning and Research, provides an update on how the industry and consumers have reacted to EPS.


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