Softness and effectiveness

The brand-new RS Venture TF comes to life with the well-known Genesis 120FI 3-cylinder engine. The latest technical updates have created striking results. Thanks to innovative shot, the engine produces a much more continuous torque, while the boost in engine displacement as well as the overhaul of the consumption camshafts highlight the torque, at low and also moderate revs, as compared to the old one. engine powered by carburetor.

Accelerations, as well as nervous recoveries, capture a smile for the rest of the walking, despite a traveler. The response of the accelerator offers you the perception that it reviews in your thoughts, and also its sweet taste will certainly appeal you. Such a smooth trip and also usability is confirming most important, specifically on a design made to swallow thousands of kilometers each day. Alas, the sound coming from the rolling of the track still appears a little expensive compared to its straight competitors. On the other hand, the Genesis 120FI engine remains to now the quietest engine in the Yamaha variety.

The RS Venture TF CVT Variable Sheave System works fantastic. Its new calibration based on efficiency and also the precision of quit starts adds to the rapid velocity of the heavyweight equipment. On top of that, it reduces the engine rate to a minimum of even more actors driving, therefore minimizing gas usage as well as contaminating emissions. The RS Endeavor TF’s CVT system consists of the brand-new Apex-derived engine brake result reduction (REFM) device. When the pilot releases the accelerator, the RS Venture TF moves more freely compared with the old version and the track no longer blocks, also in deceleration at broadband.

A framework for energetic individuals

Created around the outstanding Deltabox II chassis, borrowed from performance versions, the RS Endeavor TF offers an energetic ergonomic steering placement as well as even more guest room. Without a doubt, the higher and more advanced position of the pilot prefers the control and also the space behind him. This placement boosts the convenience of the occupants by lightening the driving initiative. The touring install additionally gets new front shocks. GHP aluminum high-pressure gas shock absorbers supply a smoother trip as well as decrease unsprung weight.

For its component, the electrical power steering (DAE) brings a lot of new experiences, since the RS Venture TF uses a precision and convenience of steering out of the ordinary. Driving is light and very easy, whatever the conditions of the track. On top of that, the system soaks up shocks transmitted to the handlebars from irregularities in the surface area, which reinforces the toughness and form of the rider for countless hikes. In contrast to what one might think, the new electric power guiding retains an outstanding response of the feelings to the pilot and shows up better adapted to the use of the RS Venture TF; a snowmobile developed for long hikes in sets.

Furnished to travel

Benefiting from a host of travel devices, the RS Venture TF consists of: a large windshield, two 12-volt outlets, an adjustable back-rest, 2 warmed passenger takes care of, a ProConfort CK back suspension and also a big built-in upper body with a weatherproof cover.

The RS Endeavor TF, its equipment of option and the new power-assisted guiding are just a winning team. Fantastic walkers, a shot and also you will not intend to go without. Congratulations Yamaha!

Mild, silent as well as effective
Efficient DAE engine brake reduction system that minimizes guiding effort
Comfort and individual friendliness

Moving noise of the caterpillar

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Chris Reid

Chris Reid, Yamaha's National Manager, Product Planning and Research, provides an update on how the industry and consumers have reacted to EPS.


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