Tonight, I’m going to install these H4 LED headlight bulbs in my 2016 Yamaha fz-07.

I never had LED light on a motorcycle, I thought about getting and picking up something cheap first and see if it works. I’m looking to do install this and basically see how it works. This one is rated at 6000K, so it’s a pretty bright white light. It is rated at 4000lumens on high beam side and a low beam at 2000 lumen. It’s definitely much brighter than halogen light.

Remove two screws two bolts one on each, basically these two are holding the entire front assembly.

Slowly push forward this assembly, the light bulb will be right down there , try to unhook most of the wires.

Disconnect and remove the rubber seal that prevents any kind of water damage or exposing the light bulb to to water.

Unlock the mechanism and slowly remove the existing light bulb.

Place the plastic ring make sure it goes the proper way, after that lock it with mechanism.

Placed rubber sealer around the LED, lock it inside the mechanism.

This is locked and the next thing is connect the power and close things up. Before put everything together it is better to test it out and see if the light bulb works. When put everything together just make sure that everything is solid and sturdy, there is no loose ends before you power the bike on.

This is a very very bright white light, it’s very close to advertised 6000K. It’s really nice and much much brighter than original halogen light that came with a bike.

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Chris Reid

Chris Reid, Yamaha's National Manager, Product Planning and Research, provides an update on how the industry and consumers have reacted to EPS.


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